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Our colorful mini Artisan Safety Matches makes your candle experience even better.

Not only does your matches  come in a  cute glass jar with strike pad on the bottom of the jar, the screw-on lid protects your matches and keeps them all in one place.


These make great gifts along with one of our collection candles.


Mini Artisan Safety Matches

    • Artisan matches come in 10 colors choices, you can easily match these fancy matches to any color palette of your choice.
    • You get 1 mini bottle (2.5” H x 0.75” W) with 23 or Large Jar with 50 wooden 2" matchsticks.
    • Great for party favors, wedding favors, bridesmaid gifts, etc.
  • Instructions:

    • Use in well-ventilated area
    • Store away from direct sunlight, heat and flammable areas or surfaces.
    • Keep away from children and pets.
    • Strike a match away from the direction of the body.
    • Throw a matchstick away only after the flame is extinguished and cool to the touch.
    • Do not store or use around open flame or flammable liquids such as gasoline